Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More tomorrow

I'm about to turn in, and there's still a few yet to be posted. Blogger is giving me my (lack of) money's worth, so there's a temporary issue with uploading pics. Tomorrow evening, though, I'll have more.

Late comer #1

I seem to now have an overabundance of time at the computer, so as I sit here, more pics are trickling in. So these lucky fellas will get their own posts! This one comes courtesy of DrDoctor.

More and more...

From me, hoping to beat these others on the funny scale. It didn't work.

From Regulus, a nice look at death.
From anonymous, perhaps the first serious poster.
From Stix again, an image of my least favorite attack in action ("Curse you Mauler-Melee!")

From McGrude, a poster that probably deserves the title "Betrayals".

That's all for now. It's been a good first day! Keep it up, everybody!


From RVideo, a picture involving something I'll try next time I play Sierra 117.

From Johnny McL, something that never works with my grenades, but always does with others'.

From Ray, a truly motivational poster.

From 7th Columnist, a true life lesson.

From jagged117, this pic leaves me asking, "was he in the 'hog, or shooting it?" (RESOLVED: He was shooting! Awesome kill, man!)

Okay first wave...

Here are the first ones submitted (Blogger only lets me put in five per post):

Courtesy of Sp4rki, a lesson on how to use your weapon.

From Mark, we have a situation I'm all too familiar with...

From anonymous, a very...um...original piece.

From Hypnotoad, a look at The Storm, a dangerous place for marines.

From Stix, a wonderful kick to the face.

Holy crap...

Front page on halo.bungie.org and the emails start pouring in. I'll be posting the new entries as soon as I get a chance to sit down. Should be a little later tonight. Wow, I was not expecting this...