Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not working again.

Blogger not work. I no post pictures. See you tomorrow. Or maybe the day after.

musicman1601's Greatest Hits

Ok, here's how you put your arms down. Spin around three times, jump up EXACTLY 3.5 inches, fire EXACTLY two rounds from a battle rifle (yeah, TWO), and kill yourself 3,976,241 times...Good day, flag man!
I don't really want to...
Upside-down AND in midair!
Technically, they're sentinels, but I digress...

"My name is Poster. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

From mildracula1612, those pompous artists... From mildracula1612 again, I believe it's "gerbilself".
From OP24 echelon3, bad idea...
From PzyKotiK86, give him a break. He's been fighting aliens for a couple months straight...
From PzyKotiK86 again, yeah, when you pull the trigger three inches from the bad guy's head.

Let's see if it's working today...

Yes it is! Anyway, these first four are from Polaris7.

If you happen to be flame-retardant, even better!
They don't need to. They can constantly FIRE THEIR LAZER!
It's so true. Even with a cotton contrail...
From SPARTAN Rapid, pure, unadulterated gloating. And on a zombie map with ONE spawn point, too.