Wednesday, October 17, 2007


From RefinedSolid, short, sweet, and hilarious!

Plan B

From Forrow, that's lucky, especially since rockets aren't on Valhalla!


From DarkLotus320, is it bad that I laughed at this for an hour?


From my other main man Chris, a heartfelt message to the poor souls with PS3s and Wiis.


From Sp4rki, a message for turret holders...

Watch Your Mirrors

From Fish Face McGee once again, there's no "driver's ed" for ghosts.

Common Sense

Again from Fish Face McGee, another thing I had hoped was obvious.


From my main man Sacapuntas62, recounting our mucky trek through Valhalla.

Serapfh (ph?)

From Seraph, pompousness abounds...

Reaction Time

From Fish Face McGee, something I had hoped was obvious.


From Johnny McL, don't talk to strangers on the internet!


From Mendez117, I honestly think he won't feel anything. And he won't have to wait until morning.


From Fish Face McGee, the truth about Marathon armor.


The last one from jagged117, something all bad 'hog drivers need to learn.

Karma #2

From anonymous, a simple kill gone wrong.

Karma #1

From txcruehead, a lesson on how teabagging provides more danger than just STDs.


From RVideo, a thank you note to the guys over at High Impact Halo.


From DragonHawk237, takin' us back to the golden age with an oldie from the Halourve.

Don't hate me...

Another from kilaMOMjaro, yeah, now I'm sure she's owned me before. Lavender is the color of deceit...
Once again, from jagged117 (he sent in four, if your counting), a message to all you Covies out there.


From TX R0C, two spartans making friends.


From kilaMOMjaro, I think I probably got owned by her before...

Bad Luck

From jagged117 again, too true...

Day 2...

And no signs of slowing down! Apparently Blogger has a problem with me uploading five pics at once, so todays will be individual posts. Here's one from jagged117, displaying the value of aiming.