Sunday, August 31, 2008

I apologize again everybody, it has been a while since the last updates. But the first week of school is finally over! It is a lot different from my old school...but I am coping well. So I would like to thank the people who are still here, you can expect quite a few updates tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I apologize for the seemingly sporaic updates, it is the last week of summer for me, unfortuantly. I am going to a different school, so I have lots of stuff to do, and it's been keeping me busy. I will try my best to update this site, and after I'm settled everything should be going back to normal. Bear with me please, thanks!

The first five posters come from Cairo

A tank hog? Now that's a new idea for Halo 4...

This would work much better if the chief was a lolcat

Yes, yes they do.

or civilian. Now everybody can get their favorite spartan vechicle!

I'm not sure I would classify "Donkey Kong" as a brute...

Last 2 are from Rofltrocity

And so went the heroes, ignoring the color of their armor or the stares from their teammates

I have never used anything other than default...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All of today's posters are from ProphetofNerd

The arbiter's ding dongs. Do not mess with them.

If he doesn't get stuck along the way

"Even though we almost destroyed the's cool, right?"

Even to gorillas with armor plating, yep...the chief is pretty dangerous

All the posters today are from Cairo

Nice parody of lolcats, but I must say, I feel sorry for the dog.

Yep, the chief has everything he needs to suceed in the business world...except the fact that he likes to carry his gun with him everywhere he goes...and that he's in a giant space suit...

I can't believe Gravemind keeps chess pieces.

Oh, so that's how you keep finding warthogs everywhere. They never seem to disappear.

Well, considering there are only 200,000 humans left, and about 99% of them are already in the army, and the 1% that is about to get eaten by the flood,...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Halotivations can be searched now! There is a search bar directly above the newest post and underneath the title. If you want to find all the posters you submitted, or are just looking for the perfect poster for any occasion, search for it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

All the posters today are from Cairo

There are so many opportunities to destroy the Covenant...

Has anybody seen the RedvsBlue episode about spiders? They even made an achievement from that episode

This is one question I have never been able to answer, why couldn't the Covenant just get a little more armor on the hunters, then the hunters would be near invincible!

Agreed...except it wasn't actually in the game...where was the part where we jumped into a brute pit with nothing but an assault rifle? Not in Halo 3.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All of today's posters come from ZuTuNuPu

The shotgun is l33t. All hail.

...I can't think of a comment for this one...

It's good if the person you are proposing to is equally geeky

Even with all the rifle fire, brutes and wraith plasma blasts, the Chief is better safe than sorry..

Are these real Halo 3 graphics?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

On a somewhat related note, this is the 300th post of this site, which means over 1,500 posters, so go look back in the archives. You can find some posters you've probably never seen before!

First three are from SockPuppetEater's carousel

Ahaha, sweet revenge!

I guess people who don't like-a da boom...

Wow Master Chief must have been really whacked out...

Next three are from Andy "imVIP" Lacap

"Ahaha, suckers, I'm out of here! *EXPLODE*"

Yeah, but then again, Neo doesn't wear super strong armor...

Just like bullies...
"You want the Warthog? You want the Warthog? Well, you can't have it!"

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Best of SockPuppetEater's carouse

All of today's posters come from SockPuppetEater's carouse

Good excuse. Though I don't think a Warthog would be good as a low rider...

...for about 3 seconds.

Nice illusion here.

Well, kill it first, then you could chew it without losing too much blood

The victim is relieved for about a second...then panics again!