Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I apologize for the seemingly sporaic updates, it is the last week of summer for me, unfortuantly. I am going to a different school, so I have lots of stuff to do, and it's been keeping me busy. I will try my best to update this site, and after I'm settled everything should be going back to normal. Bear with me please, thanks!

The first five posters come from Cairo

A tank hog? Now that's a new idea for Halo 4...

This would work much better if the chief was a lolcat

Yes, yes they do.

or civilian. Now everybody can get their favorite spartan vechicle!

I'm not sure I would classify "Donkey Kong" as a brute...

Last 2 are from Rofltrocity

And so went the heroes, ignoring the color of their armor or the stares from their teammates

I have never used anything other than default...