Wednesday, September 24, 2008

thanks for all of the new submissions people, and keep them coming!!
also remember to post lotsz and lolsz on the comments section

social pro:
maybe that $50 extra for the onboard GPS was worth more than you thought

by ars_27:
somehow I have doubt in the piercing ability of the barrel of a ballistic weapon..... but I think the pure awesomeness of the screeny makes up for all of that realistic-ness nonsense


god's little miracles!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wehere's our lolz!??!

Here's the problem... the only way to identify posters that haven't been posted is if the email they've been contained has been opened or not... but even if it's been opened that doesn't guarantee weather they've been posted or just opened and then unused, even if it was a good poster
so what I ask for all of you is to re-send you're posters if they haven't been posted yet, yes I know that this has been asked for many times before, but it will not happen again, from now on I will be storing unused posters in a special folder, eliminating any problem for identification, again thank you all for you're soon to be realized cooperation, and sorry for the trouble

Monday, September 15, 2008

we're not so different, you and me....oh wait! muhwahwahwahwa(British accent)

awww yeah motha ****a
unless it was on the lines of one of these
all by k4karnage

my 3rd post here, think I'm doing it wrong? tell me in the comments!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

first two by TheCyborgNinja

Kigyegar's Blog

blar blarg blarg

blar blar blarg blarggee blarguh blargeh blarg :(
blarggeh blarge blurg blurgoooh :D
blerg blarg!

posted on 9/11/08

the covenant and the empire have teamed up! humanity is doomed!..... wait a minute.....

by Nikola T3sla:

and on the third day the lord fired his lazer!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

By Vaganda

quadruple kill incoming!


and a scorpion the scene after!

the cyborg ninja:

but mommy he's so cuuuuuute~~~

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh bash, another new guy you say!?

so yeah, I'm the new guy
David needs to take a break for his studies, so after a rigorous and highly selective process for choosing the new (temp.)admin of the site:

I, Yoshiki has been chosen out of the numerous candidates fighting for this honorable position
But don't think I'm doing this on a whim, in the 0.2 seconds it took me to reply to that, allot went through my mind, I understand the responsibilities associated with administrating a site,
and my sense of humor, while I don't want to sound too narcissistic, is definitely good enough to discern which poster is funny and which isn't

I'll try to keep it at a post every two days, and a post per day some times, then again maybe world hunger will end and someone'll find a cure for the gay

With all of that said, I hope you all make as many comments as possible, no spam though, and don't forget to subscribe to the RSS feed.

--cheers, Yoshikee

P.S. the posts will say "posted by david", but in reality it's by me, I'll try to fix that

Monday, September 1, 2008

Best of Rofflemow

All of this update's posters are made by Rofflemow

In emergencies, ANYTHING can be used as projectiles!

Nothing an anti-regen and a few grenades can't fix...

Oh sh** is right...

Remember, updates every hour! Or you can wait till the end of the day to get them all.

Best of Kelleg40

Kelleg40 made this poster

For a very very limited time! While supplies last!

Remember, updates every hour!

Best of Keenarnor

This update is brought to you by the person "Keenarnor"

Did anybody else notice these? I saw a couple of the on Last Resort, but I always thought they were just regular birds...

Remember, updates every hour today!

Best of Andy "imVIP" LaCap

All of the posters right now are from Andy "imVIP" LaCap

Golden Hayabusa isn't looking too bad right now

While it just LOOKS painful, I assure you it is not...well, actually it is. It's very painful.

It's an EASTER EGG! Ba-dum.

Don't forget to keep checking back! I will be posting updates every hour today.