Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Halotivationals!

Today's Halotivations are from DarknessDarkrai294!

 Well, I can't argue with that. They ARE deadly.

 Apparently, some Spartans have too much free time in the middle of combat

 Is he... crawling? Or is he laying down? 

 I don't think Running will help this poor Elite

 Freeeeedom isn't Free! Buck o'5!

Wow... That is a lot of Reds... The Blue dude must be depressed

...Hello? Please Keep It Clean?

Hello Hello, I'm here to continue Halotivations, a site that I loved and contributed to.

Halotivations - Back Online

WE'RE COMING BACK! Yes, that's right! Halotivations is coming back online. Within a week, we will be up and running like normal. Send us your funnies!