Wednesday, March 26, 2008


From Hyoshikialo

That's why for your pool you need a brute-killing version of chlorine...a Spartan!

This one is from Inferios (it helps to have played Portal to get the reference)
Finally, a picture on how to do it. I was wondering why the party escorts weren't coming...

Jonnyothan made this one
That is a law for Halo. You aren't invincible...

MasqueNoMercy made this one
Let's see...bug guts, hunter guts, excess plasma and spent fuel rods...sounds like a recipe for an art masterpiece!

From Brendon
All special effects and no plot - Brendon

Next 2 are from Brian
Remember people, you must be within striking distance of your target or else trying to strike them with a flag will fail
Flag wars!

Next two are from Crankdawg

You thought you got rid of him last game...think again
Rip out your Battle Rifle and put one in his head
Y + RT

Posters posters posters by Adam G

All of these posters are from Adam G

That's actually a pretty good strategy
Even though it's not a train, it will still pretty much kill you just the same
Cool lighting and death...what better combo is there?
Body slam!
And also when you bounce them more than once...that's pretty cool
Bullets plasma bolts whizzing by your head...plasma bolts searing your amour...
With enough explosives, you can do anything