Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Every single poster is from Raiketsu

and very flexible
He has a sword on his back, he should start killing people with it.
Anybody remember the Yo-Yo ball commercials? Yo, yo, yo yo ball...

Prepare to die
Best friends till they explode
MUCH cooler
Soon they'll get bored and leave...
Please don't hurt me!
That's the problem with only being able to look forward
Okay, people, next time when I say wrench, you hand me a wrench, not a @$%*# 5 ton warthog!

Title-writing sucks. I might have to resort to puns...

These 5 are from ProphetofNerd

Whenever ANYBODY does it, it's unmanly.
Too bad there aren't any rocket launchers...triple betrayal

And flashing body amour!
Yep, it has his picture in the dictionary.
Or more rather, dives

Next four are from D962831
You can't even see the passenger. That's pretty dramatic
Don't group them at all for that matter
Ahh, the old days of football and soccer...and maybe even baseball

And an explosion for a big finale!


Yay, next week for me is Spring Break! Haha@anyone who has to go to school.

Also, my comments will be at the bottom of posters. Makes it easier, you know?

LostKauze607 made these next two.

And none is better than one!

Tron2x9 made the next two

...and wins together.
Unless you're that one person

Rest are by King Vyper

You have about 3 seconds to start moving forward...
They should surround it with bulletproof material

And I thought cross-breeding was a good thing

And when you have a giant hammer that can beat the crap out of the moles

'Cept this last one, which was made by

Better put your goggles on