Saturday, March 29, 2008

Newer submissions first!

Hey guys, I've decided to start posting the ones I receive first, that way if you send one to me it will be likely to be posted the very next day, or day after that. If you sent me one a while ago, it will be posted when I don't get that many new submissions...and of course I'll be making some myself when submissions get low. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about your posters!

First 8 are from PzyKotiK86

Passenger: In Rocket Race, I'm pretty sure your head is suppose to be above your body...
Driver: Shut up! I know what I'm doing!
We are waaay past it
Some have more recoil than others...
But I have a rocket arm! A rocket arm!
Oh sh-
Ahh, they're everywhere!!
No wonder it was a little heavy...and kinda blue, too.

This is from Flumpyfalcon
Kicks the crap out of your recon amour!

This is from Havoccroft66
Look before you leap...

VeStiGe made this last one

It's best to take off your 1-ton amour before doing so...