Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boycott Battlefield Bad Company!!

EA has decided that instead of a balanced weapons system, they will charge you for extra guns...that are balanced. Why the heck buy them then? They are taking advantage of their customers. I've already vowed not to buy it. What about you?

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All from Das Kalk

The Halo 3 Heroic map pack is free! Go get it! In other news, they will be releasing a remake of lockout in the Legendary Map Pack...sweet.

All of these posters are from Das Kalk

A great reward for killing all the Brutes
Hey, everyones done it at least once, right?
It's an easter egg the Bungie staff never wanted you to find out about...
'Nuff said.
Spartans don't rest till their mission is complete. Or they are dead, whatever comes first.

I was suppose to jump to the bottom...thats what base jumping is, right? right?
Or at least the ones with enough guts
Explosion + Flying through the air = Death
In unrelated news, they took out the Back to the Future ride from Universal Orlando...which SUCKS!