Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sorry everybody, I go to camp next week and I can't be here to update. I will be back on Saturday, with updating resuming on Sunday the 13th.
First one is by Eazy the Floodbusterposter

Good thing the only person that heard it is about to die in 5 seconds

Last 4 are by Feral Rabbit

Did somebody say EXPLOSIONS?!

Of course, looks in this case is more important than survival

Just like the flames, except it's placed a little lower and blue...

"Pimp my warthog"
Today every poster is by Eazy the Floodbusterposter

Sad he doesn't know that humans kill brutes, regardless of whether they are cool or not.

Never trust a present that comes with instructions telling you to stick it in your forehead.

"It sounded like a good idea at the time!" - Quote after one spartan tries to use public bathroom

You sure have a sharp eye, how could you tell? This may very well have been a result of the rockets...

"Darn, my scope is broken. Is there ANY way my day could be worse?"