Friday, November 2, 2007

Thanks A Ton, Bungie!

Just a shout out to the great guys at Bungie for mentioning me in the Weekly Update! Also, they gave me the Recon armor, so that sort of brightened up my day! (For proof, check out my gamertag's page). So once again, thanks for a fantastic day, Bungie! I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind people to keep sending in their posters (! Remember, go to for an easy poster-maker! Now, I'm off to get stylish Recon armor!

Happy Halo-ween!

From snarfood, they regret being vegetable bastards...From THE MAZZA, I am SO trying this!
From THE MAZZA again, pushed by glowy, blue spiders...
A final one from THE MAZZA, Warning: Do not attempt demolition derbies with brute choppers!
From V10L3N7 JAY, drink responsibly...