Saturday, October 27, 2007


From THE MAZZA again, and yet, some idiot always tries to step into the shield... From AusQB, how dare you try to get achievements?!
From AusQB again, OH. SNAP.

Some more posters. Here they are.

From Pseudo Faux, hey, you can't blame us all for thinking they'd be cool... From Az117, this is very close to the greatest picture I've ever seen.
From THE MAZZA, yeah, that's really weird.
From Az117, OK, he just beat the greatest picture ever.
From Az117 again, I'm telling you, this guy knows how to write captions!

Posters. Here are some.

From AusQB, I love the elite voice. I do, however, hate their looks. This is paradox...From MutantSphere, that bright, burning light is rather pretty!
From Pseudo Faux, ragdoll. Not elastic-doll.
From AusQB, they are, however, good for protecting teammates from your idiotic grenade throws...
From MutantSphere, this is my motto right here...