Friday, October 19, 2007

Last one for now

From Narcogen, what will happen if school children get spike grenades.

Buncha posts

From az117, apparently, elites get angry when you talk smack about their, um, hitboxes?From az117, I like to think I am funnier than this picture, but that's probably not true at all.
From Narcogen, *announcer voice* NOTHING-KILL!
From az117 (whew), that is well-shot! (HA! Thought I'd make a joke about me sucking, didn't you?!)
From bourwaZ, I should start watching ATHF more. I wish I understood this joke.

Lotsa postas!

From az117, there's also a reason the humans steal them...From az117, funny, and cool how they managed this in Forge.
From anonymous, more old school stuff.
From the same anonymous guy, those "little things" have been known to cause big problems.
From az117, it is good, as long as someone goes down with you.

Another day, another 2 hours straight of posting posters...

From az117, yes, this is in fact awesome.From az117 again, ...lives to run away again.
From Blue Ninja, more spoilers, but I stopped caring.
From az117, one thing I'd rather not be looking at constantly while driving.
From az117 (yup, another poster-maker who thinks I have nothing better to do on Friday night.), I used all the space for a witty comment to whine about az117.