Monday, April 28, 2008

Deacon Sydney, Part 1

This guy sent in ALOT of posters, Deacon Sydney. So it comes in parts!

Do Brutes even have pants? Just a thought...great poster.

Their instruments look oddly like guns too

Like the play on words here

Another good one here

That's a...unique screen shot
First two are by Dregsey

And up...don't forget up...

That picture's pretty funny...

This one by Onyx Noir

Hey, if there's a will, there's a way...eventually sometime a man WILL beat a shotgun with his face! Of course, it might not happen in our lifetime...

Last 5 are by Deadly Artist

You could've asked nicely

I'm never playing Zombies again


Wonder who wins...

Sometimes they might not be the best road, maybe not the safest road, maybe not even a safe one, but hey...
First 5 are by Headshock

Talk about monster ownage...

If I'm going down, the bug is coming with me!

I knew him well Horatio

Next three are by Dregsey

Especially because the guy doesn't look like he's awake...

I'm getting a bit dizzy...

Last three are from Dregsey

That guy looks pretty cool

Is the Mark V suit or whatever waterproof? Just a thought.

Oh snap