Thursday, October 18, 2007


From thePheonix9, just like the flaming Hayabusa...From NinjaSlayer368, yep, thats about right.
From Blue Ninja (don't worry, this is his last one, I swear), hey, I like the hammer!
From anonymous, more specifically, strangers holding bombs.

And I was gonna watch the Office tonight, too...

From jagged117, JOHNSON DON'T GOT TIME FOR YO ALIEN VALET!From Blue Ninja, this "one" doesn't make you invisible. Trust me.
From Blue Ninja, apparently I'm not the only one who enjoys plowing through that hallway...
From Agent Rick, don't worry, you only need to respect him until he explodes.
From bourwaZ, love is blind. Seriously, that helmet is, like, opaque.

Lots and lots of posters!

From SG Noodles, "no, it's not noticeable..."From Blue Ninja, SPOILERS! (just in case anyone hasn't beaten the 2 hour long game!)
From FroBoyX, very open, vulnerable style...
From anonymous, red dots are BAD guys...
From Blue Ninja, MORE SPOILERS!

Running out of interesting post titles...

From bourwaZ, seriously, watch out for zombie ghosts.From Blue Ninja (pics out the wazoo), I never understood how people stayed on Hornets in the first place.
From anonymous, this is a bad time to say I love the shotgun. (My success comes the third or fourth time around.)
From anonymous, awesome. Just awesome.
From Blue Ninja, there won't be anything left to go on the journey!

Lots of Pics

From x1SHOTx3KILLSx, katana owners should know better than this. From FroBoyX, me = paint. lots and lots of paint.
From Blue Ninja, I feel rockets are always epic enough.
From jagged117 (someone confiscate his imagination!), this is how I get my kills...
From bourwaZ, CQB armor doesn't absorb hammer hits.

Five picture posting is working again!

From KillerChickn, I obviously don't rule.Also from KillerChickn, yeah, I think owned is singular, anyway.
From Blue Ninja, for when your marines die too quickly...
From SG Noodles, if they want to know who killed them, let 'em look at their own screen.
Another from Blue Ninja, this never occurred to me, but knowing this, I'd be one pissed Brute.