Thursday, July 31, 2008

First three are from Andy "imVIP" Lacap

That would be cool if you could watch spartans play basketball...they might squish the ball into oblivion everytime, but...

I HATE when this happens to me. I have the flag, I'm about to score and somebody team kills me so they can get the point...

Well, how else are you suppose to fly in a super heavy suit without the use of explosives?

Next two are from Cheez99

And fun, too!

We're all gonna go blind here soon...

Next two are from Phoenix1330

In this particularly bloody and violent version, the "dwarfs" die within a few minutes...

AGH...that's the last achievement I need! I already have 995/1000....I really wish betrayals would count...

Last one by KrazyKilo64

Well, in situations like this you really have to think to yourself, "Does this guy that is 5 times bigger than me have a weapon that can squish me like a bug, and am I prepared to counter?"
Of course, the worst little greenie can do is give the elite a paper cut...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best of YayapTehGrunt

All the posters today are made by YayapTehGrunt

The boy who cried bathroom...

The best pranks involve more than one this case, it probably took 15....

Especially when they have the invincible power-up!

If it works, that's good enough for a salesman...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kybernan made all these

It's the new ghost of lockout

The logic of spawn points are interesting

The definition of "teamwork" in Halo is usually strained...

Really, would you try threatening somebody with a rocket launcher?

Red team never stands a chance

Ouch, adding insult to injury...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How does everybody like the new color change?
This site has been green for a while...
I think the black is easier on the eyes, and it adds something to all the motivational posters
but enough about what I think, I'd like to hear your inputs!
I'm going to try something for fun
Halotivational Minicity
I've seen a lot of other people do this, so why not?
The basic idea is every time you visit, my mini city gets a new person. Anyways, I want to see how far this can go...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sorry about the slight delay in getting these posted, I had lost track of where I was saving them so I had to find who made them

Leroytirebiter made the first three

Was it the sudden rush of air around you or the fact that you could see your own ship that alarmed you?

Maybe if we try one more time...this time with more fusion coils...

magaboy831 made this one

Even the chief can get disco fever...

manwithaplan42 made this last one

Yay improvisation!

Best of Deadly Artist

I have received both negative and positive comments about the color change, so in an effort to please everybody, I will be changing the color scheme every two weeks.

Deadly Artist made all these posters you see today

Hell yeah!

Of course, if its physically possible...

Well, almost 98 percent of stunts are exactly what this poster says

Good if your teammates decide to help stay back to protect you...

He thought about it...greenie's gotta die

Best of Thebeezlebee

All the posters are by Thebeezlebee, found them while digging through my email. Sorry, Thebeezlebee for posting these so late

The tear won't be shed for long...

Arbiter doesn't look too happy...

Yep, in cases like these it would be wise to run...

Alcohol-induced amnesia...worst ever

Hey, we're on a team!

If I don't post your posters within a reasonable time (a week or two) please send me an email about it, as a lot of times I read your poster submissions then I'm about to post them later, and forget which ones I've posted, as there are a lot of posters. Thanks!

Friday, July 18, 2008

First 3 are by Andy "imVIP" Lacap

I will admit it, I did fall for that fact I think about 99 percent of Halo fans did...

What? You've never heard of the exploding needle head trick?

Cool lighting effects...if it doesn't have any lighting effects, creepy.

Next one by Robo287

I assume there's a reward for returning this?

Last one by Yoshiki

AHA! So I was right about the E3 thing...kinda...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a note, if you guys send me postcards through the motivational-poster maker application, there's no guarantee that I can post them, as they don't last forever. To be sure I get them, right click them and save as an image, then attach it to an email and send it to Thanks.

First four are by "Andy imVIP" Lacap

So that's where he is!

Forever, too...I mean your face won't be recognizable after the blast...

Or it could just be the bullet wounds...

Classic screenshot...of course this is the part where the blue banshee splatters Mr. Reddy into the windshield

Last one by Kaptain Ovakill

Those are the best moments...once you review them in theater after you die

Monday, July 14, 2008

If by "Please Remain Calm" Bungie meant "There's something mysterious going on so continue madly clicking your refresh button 3 times a second" then...

But I wonder what that's all about? I heard a rumor that Halo 4 is going to be announced at E3 this year (I have no idea whether it's over or not) so could it be related to this?
Poster by Yoshiki

Last four are by Andy "imVIP" Lacap

Given that in 500 years people can get super-human abilities, it becomes more than a dream

It's against the law to film crappy movies!

Eh, once you get smashed in the face with a giant shock-wave inducing hammer, you might as well have gotten hit with any other.

Yes, it's very little. LOL!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There are actually computers in my camp, so I logged on today to check my email real quick (I can't post posters, they won't let you save anything to the harddrive). I had totally forgotten about the previous post I had, "Boycott Battlefield Bad Company" and the original creator of this site reminded me: That boycott was actually successful, the weapons don't cost anything, battlefield bad company is a funny and great game. So go out and buy it! DICE actually listens to their customers...yeah, so go get it!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sorry everybody, I go to camp next week and I can't be here to update. I will be back on Saturday, with updating resuming on Sunday the 13th.
First one is by Eazy the Floodbusterposter

Good thing the only person that heard it is about to die in 5 seconds

Last 4 are by Feral Rabbit

Did somebody say EXPLOSIONS?!

Of course, looks in this case is more important than survival

Just like the flames, except it's placed a little lower and blue...

"Pimp my warthog"