Monday, April 21, 2008


First three are from THE MAZZA

War IS hell...

Much easier if you work at Bungie

It might have been painful but it was totally worth it

From DonMKB

Rule with an Iron Fist!

Last 6 are from Tron2x9

Don't forget, you are only protected in the front

Of course, if you have a rear view mirror, you can view both!
but seriously, that is one epic screen shot.

I get this one now...even though the Beatles version doesn't contain as much running over and pain

You're doing it wrong...great caption for anything!

Looking cool is what it's all about

Brute Cheiftans can be quite mean sometimes
Just saw this interesting presentation on mountain top removal. Basically they blow up the top of a mountain, and all the sludge from the coals get everywhere and they are destroying mountains.

Visit website for more info