Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick question...who wants to see a downloadable zip file of every poster that's been on this blog so far? If that's what people want, I can make the vast majority of them available by tomorrow...or whenever. Just email me or answer the poll and I'll decide whether I should put one up or not.

CatNCobra 6 made this one
Even the Chief needs to take breaks sometimes

This is by BoomSnack

Don't forget to strike a super cool pose

The next two are by Aiglos Y
Cool Saying + Halo Picture = Great Poster

Even though he's Thor, this is not a dream, and it will hurt...

Next two by Wheat

Civilized, smivilized, at least it has explosions!

Better go back to our base and find out

By Gidoran

In other words, I HAZ YOUR GHOST!