Monday, November 12, 2007

Blogger's being lame.

Well, I knew it'd come back eventually. I guess I overloaded Blogger in the "Image-Uploadng" department. Luckily, I was down to my last three emails, so you're not missing a lot. Guess I'll try again tomorrow or something.

"What does that make us?" "Big Damn Posters, sir."

These first four are from KXVI.

First there's one shotgun, now there's two! MAGIC!
Precision is key...
Especially when the one guy is FLOATING ABOVE the other one...
When luck's not on your side, ducking should be.
From Silversurfur, poor chief...

"When there's no more room in Hell, the posters will walk the Earth."

From lakeman76, at least there are no weird tail'd people that turn into monkeys in Halo.From MarvelHero, but tank still beats everything.
From Sane Intolerant, that spiky helmet can't save you from a sniper.
From soreltehnub, "Hmm. Two plasma pistols, two hunters. One for each!
From soreltehnub again, "anti-armor rifles" are not made for use against Scarabs...

OP24 echelon3's Greatest Hits

Not faster than a speeding bullet, but able to fire them...
Made by Moviesign, found by OP24 echelon3, who's the lucky lady?
Let me help you with that GPS issue. YOU ARE UPSIDE-DOWN!
When you can respawn, it's OK to just look cool.
Yes. Yes they do.

"Posters. Very dangerous. You go first."

Pic by climberdude5.11, caption by me, remember this advice. It will save you from my cheap kills.From pyrokineticmoose, Silencer 2: Electric Boogaloo
These last three are from TheRafa06.

"Look, mom! No hands!"
"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Laser""Come on over here! I'll bite your legs off!"

"You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Posters..."

From Nerdymikey, ironically, this mime pose is known as "Death Next To Giant Shotgun".From SPARTAN Rapid, Seriously, stay out.
From SPARTAN Rapid again, "it was the greed that got him..." (Extra points to anyone that can name the super lame horror movie that that line is from)
From THOLM THE ILL, party like it's 2552...
From THOLM THE ILL again, mean but funny.

Mr. McManman's Greatest Hits

Oppression leads to loathing...However, if your team is in a crisp-toast-getting contest, the one who makes crisp toast IS the team hero!
Any contact will incinerate you. Stay away from Flaming Ninjas!
"There appears to be a large, explody orb in my face. Huh..."