Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sorry about the slight delay in getting these posted, I had lost track of where I was saving them so I had to find who made them

Leroytirebiter made the first three

Was it the sudden rush of air around you or the fact that you could see your own ship that alarmed you?

Maybe if we try one more time...this time with more fusion coils...

magaboy831 made this one

Even the chief can get disco fever...

manwithaplan42 made this last one

Yay improvisation!

Best of Deadly Artist

I have received both negative and positive comments about the color change, so in an effort to please everybody, I will be changing the color scheme every two weeks.

Deadly Artist made all these posters you see today

Hell yeah!

Of course, if its physically possible...

Well, almost 98 percent of stunts are exactly what this poster says

Good if your teammates decide to help stay back to protect you...

He thought about it...greenie's gotta die

Best of Thebeezlebee

All the posters are by Thebeezlebee, found them while digging through my email. Sorry, Thebeezlebee for posting these so late

The tear won't be shed for long...

Arbiter doesn't look too happy...

Yep, in cases like these it would be wise to run...

Alcohol-induced amnesia...worst ever

Hey, we're on a team!

If I don't post your posters within a reasonable time (a week or two) please send me an email about it, as a lot of times I read your poster submissions then I'm about to post them later, and forget which ones I've posted, as there are a lot of posters. Thanks!