Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Title name contest!

Hi guys, I hate coming up with ideas for the titles of the posts...because I can't come up with any. If you guys send me your title names and I think it's funny or cool, I'll use it. Come on guys!

And the heroic map pack is suppose to be free today...but I still can't download it

SniperOnLoose66 made the next five

Especially with spikes

Just an inch...

Especially when it's all up in your face
Everything is better through a wall
This has actually happened to me quite a few times

Next 5 are from SteelAvalanche

with sniper rifles
And if you look to your right, you should see a giant plasma bolt pass by right about now
Nicely said
Hey, there was a cookie on the other side!
Buy yours today!

Best of Patriot HQ3

Every single poster in this post is from Patriot HQ3, so enjoy!

and I didn't even have to work for Bungie!
They should really have a sign...
Unless you look behind you
With a vengeance!
That is one freaky looking elite
Wow, I can see my own body
It changed into the Halo we all know and love today!
For this crime, no punishment is too great.

Halo Motivational Posters

First two (and some later on) were made by Ryan

Brute: "Die, flying warthog! Wait, wha...?"
Master Chief: "You threaten my people with slavery and death!"
Civilian: "This is madness, I am your people!"
Master Chief: "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Sylux77 made the next three
Only real Spartans can pick the elephant back up
It's like staring death in the face
I didn't mean to!

Dirty 117 made these next two
In Halo, I doubt there are any of the good kind

And here's the rest of Ryan's posters
They look pretty serious to me
Ack, I suddenly have the urge...TO DANCE!
Of course, that's exactly what a team-killer would say...