Monday, September 1, 2008

Best of Rofflemow

All of this update's posters are made by Rofflemow

In emergencies, ANYTHING can be used as projectiles!

Nothing an anti-regen and a few grenades can't fix...

Oh sh** is right...

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Best of Kelleg40

Kelleg40 made this poster

For a very very limited time! While supplies last!

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Best of Keenarnor

This update is brought to you by the person "Keenarnor"

Did anybody else notice these? I saw a couple of the on Last Resort, but I always thought they were just regular birds...

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Best of Andy "imVIP" LaCap

All of the posters right now are from Andy "imVIP" LaCap

Golden Hayabusa isn't looking too bad right now

While it just LOOKS painful, I assure you it is not...well, actually it is. It's very painful.

It's an EASTER EGG! Ba-dum.

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