Sunday, November 4, 2007

"And the title you rode in on..."

All of these are from Venomous Shadow.

The lack of cover is now the problem... STOP! Hammertime!
Where's your head at at at at? Where's your head at?
Vehicle sex. Yup.
"Looks like Private Caboose has hurt himself! Why don't you go on over there and check him out." (If anyone knows the real quote, let me know)


Anonymous said...

you were close to the real quote - its:

Church: Well, it looks like Caboose has hurt himself! Maybe you should go over there and help him, Doc!

nice pic btw

Yakko Warner said...

Just rub his neck with some aloe vera; he'll be fine.

JonoriusGM said...

I think another appropriate RvB quote could be when Simmons [2.0] shoots himself in the foot because of Sarge's malfunctioning cyborg body he built for him.

Sarge - "Son, did you just shoot yourself in the foot?"

Simmons - "Yeah, It does that sometimes. Not sure why though."

Sarge - "I'm sure its user error."