Thursday, December 18, 2008

First 3 posters are from DOKONUS

Air support is very great. Always nice to give the enemies more fire to dodge from

Unless you crouch right before you hit the ground. (5 points to anybody who gets that)

Cheap shot

Last two are from Dregsey

They always drop them next to the most inconvenient place possible. Always.

...that's never a good thing


Kingfrozen said...

the crouch thing is from Mario 64?

Anonymous said...

the crouch thing is from halo: CE. you were able to crouch after a long jump and take minimal fall damage. there is some video on youtube showing two people go down to the bottom of a campaign map without dying. and finally, some new posters!

David Wang said...

haha yeah i remember skipping some of the level...dang,now i can't remember the name of the level, its been so long. the one where you jump off a pelican and assault the beach...that was pretty fun. yay, new updates!

Anonymous said...

i believe that level is the silent cartographer

gravy666 said...

I was thinking that the crouch thing is from Mirror's Edge, but Halo works better, because, well, the blog is Halo-themed.