Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Halo Motivational Posters

First two (and some later on) were made by Ryan

Brute: "Die, flying warthog! Wait, wha...?"
Master Chief: "You threaten my people with slavery and death!"
Civilian: "This is madness, I am your people!"
Master Chief: "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Sylux77 made the next three
Only real Spartans can pick the elephant back up
It's like staring death in the face
I didn't mean to!

Dirty 117 made these next two
In Halo, I doubt there are any of the good kind

And here's the rest of Ryan's posters
They look pretty serious to me
Ack, I suddenly have the urge...TO DANCE!
Of course, that's exactly what a team-killer would say...

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