Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Title name contest!

Hi guys, I hate coming up with ideas for the titles of the posts...because I can't come up with any. If you guys send me your title names and I think it's funny or cool, I'll use it. Come on guys!

And the heroic map pack is suppose to be free today...but I still can't download it

SniperOnLoose66 made the next five

Especially with spikes

Just an inch...

Especially when it's all up in your face
Everything is better through a wall
This has actually happened to me quite a few times

Next 5 are from SteelAvalanche

with sniper rifles
And if you look to your right, you should see a giant plasma bolt pass by right about now
Nicely said
Hey, there was a cookie on the other side!
Buy yours today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha, he's even got a thumbs up on the laser pic